Harassed women accused of being a grievance industry

I cannot agree less with Margaret Wente of the Globe & Mail.  In her recent response to news of RCMP sexual harassment she suggests that women who complain about harassment  are part of a “grievance industry” and that men on the whole are much more enlightened and are behaving much better these days.  She backs up her opinion with some statistics showing that reported wife abuse and reported rapes are on the decline.  Sadly in writing this way she is telling women to shut up and quit complaining.  I suppose she believes that women have come far enough and that better behaved men is enough.  I guess she does not think that women should challenge those things that are offensive, demeaning or  that hold them back.

 Or maybe she is just trying to be controversial.  I only hope she realizes that as a journalist she can is setting women back with her words.  I too am reminded that just because Margaret she is a woman does not mean that she supports the freedom and advancement of women. (Original column is at Globe & Mail Nov 20, 2011)

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