Harper Should Listen To G(irls)20

As the most powerful countries meet (the G20) in Ottawa, you may be asking: Where are women on the agenda? Craig and Marc Kielburger (Free the Children) wrote a colum in the Vancouver Sun this week suggesting that although Stephen Harper appears to be suppprting maternal health, his conservative policies here in Canada have seriously undermined women and girls. Not only did he cut fuunding of the only national women`s group (Status of Women Canada) by $5 million but in April he cut funding to 14 women`s rights groups in a two-week period! . The article states: It`s extremely troubling that our country is focussing on reactionary services rather than programs that could prevent life-threatening pregnancies in the first place. Sadly Harper`s track record doesn`t demonstrate very progressive policy here in Canada. (Source: Vancouver Sun)

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