How to create your own manifesto

I think everyone should have a manifesto or a call to action. Here is how to do it (based on my book Mission Possible) and the article below. I worked with my own mission to help make it easy for you.missionpossible

Step1:   Describe your “big” problem as a belief. “I believe ignorance is the cause of most hatred and human suffering.”

Step2: Describe what you want to do to help. “I want to educate people about how our beliefs, traditions and out-dated institutions hold us back and keep us hating each other.”

Step3. Describe the solution as something you already know. “I know that if we knew that we were ALL CONNECTED to each other and to the earth,  we would stop treating each other badly and flourish.”

Here it is in short form as my new mission statement:

“I help people see how their own beliefs and the systems in which we work hold us back and I inspire people to open their minds and hearts so we can all flourish as a connected global community.”

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