How to truly advance women

You don’t have to read any more newspaper articles on advancing women. You do not need more opinions from women who are deep in the trenches. Instead go directly to the academics who know precisely why women are held back. Speak to professor Joan C. Williams or Law Professor Deborah Rhodes. Or read my books that summarize and simplify all the critical literature on how to advance women. Here is the Manifesto from my book: Occupy Women: A Manifesto for Positive Change in a World Run by Men. Start here and please stop re-inventing the wheel on gender equality.

Occupy Women: A Manifesto for Equality

21 Strategies

  1. Acknowledge our thousand-year-old hierarchy
  2. Uncover our hidden cultural rules
  3. Challenge male privilege
  4. Balance masculine and feminine
  5. Question the “Femininity Message”
  6. End the media’s stereotyping
  7. Don’t expect women to be beauty models
  8. Eradicate pornography and the sexualization of women and girls
  9. Challenge the tyranny of niceness
  10. Value the intelligence of emotions
  11. Remember women’s history
  12. Explore our fear of strong women
  13. See the link between power and violence
  14. Ensure women participate in daily news
  15. Understand what true equality means
  16. Embrace divine feminine power
  17. Engage men and boys
  18. Use language that includes women
  19. Create an Occupy Women Movement
  20. Help women be small “p” and big “P” political
  21. Imagine women as true partners

Copyright ©Maureen F. Fitzgerald, Occupy Women: A Manifesto for Positive Change in a World Run by Men. 21 Powerful Strategies.  For electronic copies please contact the author at

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