How to use Twitter in 11 Easy Steps

Okay so you have a Twitter account. Now what? Here is how to start using Twitter in a few easy steps

  1. Twitter is an information exchange made up of 140-character messages called TWEETS.
  2. It’s an easy way to get fast NEWS on subjects you care about.
  3. You can both FOLLOW others and be FOLLOWED others. Start by following others.
  4. You can select others to Follow and their posts will display YOUR twitter page (in a timeline).
  5. When others begin to Follow you – you get an email notifying you.

  6. You can POST (write) a tweet and it will display on your FOLLOWERS twitter page.
  7. An easy way to find people is by looking as who your friends are following
  8. TWEETS often include links to photos, videos and to a hashtag(#) keyword
  9. You can connect your account to your cell phone and get tweets on the go
  10. You can send a tweet to others (RETWEET) or REPLY
  11. You can MENTION others by inserting @ and their twitter name in your tweet

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