I love revolutionaries even if I can’t be one


I love the occupiers of Wall Street. Although the media continues to demand that they follow the rules, they refuse. When asked to clarify their objectives, they refuse. When asked to come up with concrete suggestions, they refuse. When asked how they think they can change anything unless they are clear about their goals, they tilt their heads in wonder. Those journalists who are brave enough to capture the essence of these revolutionaries do not press them in this way. Pete McMartin of the Vancouver Sun says this: Occupy Wall Street could be about malaise. It could be about a sense of betrayal, and about an entrepreneurial and financial class plundering the American Dream. It could be about being left behind. I say that it could be about greed, abuse of power and accountability.

These people who are sitting in, like other revolutionaries before them do not worry about finding a specific solution. And if they had one, I am sure it would be attacked. Their job is just this: Stand in your unique place of knowing and tell your truth as best you know it. By doing so you may just realize that you are not alone, that others all over, including inside corporations and investment houses may know more what you are talking about. If it inspires one person to question and perhaps begin the cogs of change, then their job is done.

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