I wish I was Malcolm Gladwell

When asked recently what his next book was about Malcolm Gladwell replied, “I wish I knew.”  I wish could get paid to write a book on a topic that will emerge as time goes on! Still, I love Mr Gladwells books and I am more pleased to report that he is planning to write about “the foibles of the powerful” and is very interested in the Occupy movement.  I also like his approach to writing, “The problem is when I write books they evolve as I write them. They start out about being about one thing and then end up being about another…It’s entirely unclear to me.” This is what some writers call “Tapping the Universal  Truth.”  I think I am going to

go do this now. (Source: Ian Bailey, Globe & Mail 3 December, 2011)

 http://www.theglobeandmail.com/; http://gladwell.com

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