ICBC Pulls $1.7 Mill Ads That Embarass Men

A $1.7 million advertising campaign targeted at teen boys to prevent drinking and driving was pulled by `ICBC partners` because it was apparently too raunchy and had suggestive sexual themes. One TV ad showed a boy receiving a penis pump in the mail and just when he is getting ready to use it, he is interrupted by his mother and two police officers. The voice over says: “There are some things you don`t want to get caught doing – like drinking and driving.” I would agree that embarrassment or shaming is a cruel way to sell anything. So, I ask, why do we do it to girls and women?

Sadly I know of no ads that have ever been pulled for embarrassing, humiliating or shaming girls or women. Indeed a quick look on TV or in magazines shows a complete diet of messages telling us that our breasts are too small, our butts and thighs too big and our face in serious need of plastic surgery. Where are those in positions of power or influence who will protect us from such harm?

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