Should women’s groups only hire female speakers?

I just saw another (boring) article criticizing women’s groups for only having women speakers. Several men posted comment saying that is stupid for women to do this because men are in the know and can offer good advice. Here is my comment:

“This has nothing to do with male and female speakers at all. These comments not only add to the confusion but once again divide women (sisters). Think of it this way: We have created a whole society and systems (corporate and economic) that benefit men. These systems keep men at the top and keep women out. So the only “good” speakers for women are the ones who challenge this whole system. We don’t need more men (or women) telling us to act more like men to get ahead (even if it appears to work in the short term). The other problem with men speakers generally is they tend not to see the system at all since they benefit from it and they tend to take up space that women need (eg. man-splaing). Right now women need sisters who understand this and safe places to reclaim their power and their voices until the power shifts.” 


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