LEAF is fighting in the SCC today for pregnancy rights

I love LEAF (I was once on the Board). Today LEAF lawyers are appearing before the Supreme Court of Canada to fight for mothers rights. It always amazes me that we capitalists don’t understand that mothers do all the work of raising our next generation with no income! Luckily LEAF understands social policy, the law and fairness! Here are some excerpts from the press release.

“Our goal is to remind the Court that women have historically borne the burden of both the physical and social aspects of reproduction, which has limited their roles within the labour and public spheres. We are here to ensure that the law moves forward in equalizing of this burden. …

We believe that where an employer offers a benefit scheme for pregnant women and new parents, that scheme must recognize that women who give birth need time and resources to recover from the physiological impacts of birth.  In addition, all parents, including birth mothers, need time and resources to bond with and meet the needs of their new children.  To deny additional time and resources to pregnant women means that birth mothers will disproportionately bear the burden of social reproduction. Any scheme that perpetuates this historical burden on women is discriminatory.”[Source: www.westcoastlaef.org]

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