Lets Ban Mommy Track

Women at Work columnist Leah Eichler almost hits the mark again. She rightly suggests that companies need to get rid of the concept “Mommy Track.” She correctly suggests that flex time is not only for moms and reminds us that men benefit too when workplaces allow individuals to work around their family obligations. She even goes so far as to state, “For those opting for flexible working hours, it need not spell career suicide.” True. So why is it that she did not mention that flex time with high pay and status is almost non-existent? The truth is if there were more high paying part-time jobs women could truly be free. The problem is that women – especially women lawyers – who go part-time have to take a cut in pay, a reduction in high-level work and sadly attract low status among their peers. We still have a very long way to go. (Original column source: Globe & Mail 4 Feb 2012)

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