Marissa Mayer can clear a new path or not

I hope you have been following the maternity debate sparked by the appointment of Marissa Mayer as the new CEO of Yahoo. The bottom line is this. Marissa Mayer told the Yahoo Board she was pregnant and they did the right thing by hiring her anyway. After all it’s illegal to not hire a person just because he or she is pregnant. Still the brutal 24/7 work world will make it near impossible for her to give herself and her family all they need – emotionally, physically, spirtually and socially. So the question is: Will she pretend as many men do, that these absurd expectations of leaders are “normal” Or will she come to realize that this ridiculous work culture is truly soul-sucking and say enough is enough. I hope she challenges the role model as mother as leader but also workaholic. I am confident she can survive because she has money and supports but – will she truly thrive by challenging the status quo. If she does she will not only excel and tap her deepest feminine intelligence, but will open spaces for other less gifted and less wealthy women who want to be both leaders, mothers and not workaholics.

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