Men Against Pornography

I was pleased to see a recent article in the Globe and Mail by Wency Leung (Nov 5, 2010) that discussed the movement by many men to fight against pornography.  Sadly the pornography industry has become a multi-billion dollar machine, often takeing advantage of very young girls and vulnerable women who have few other means of livelihood.

But the truth is, its men-consumers who are paying for pornography and keeping the vicious cycle alive. So luckily, there are a few good men who are either recognized the shamefulness, the fact that it is addictive, the escalating violence, or the harm to their loving relationships who are deciding to just say ‘no” and teach other men to do the same.

Hooray for the following:

1. “Pornland: How Porn has hijacked our Sexuality (a book)

2. “Getting Off: Pornography and the End of Masculinity (a book)

3. (guys against porn)

Please send your favorite male to these sources. As I often say to my male friends: “You are either with them or against them.”

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