Men Cheat Because Women Have Little Power

Why do men cheat? It seems this perennial question haunts women who have been betrayed by their husbands.  But for those in the know, such as British comedian Peadar DeBurca,  who dedicates his life to the question: “It’s because they can.” In other words, there are no real consequences for not cheating, so why not? Think of Bill Clinton. But the curious thing is that no one talks about power and the lack of spouse power.  DeBurca blames women for not standing up to cheaters. But the truth is they really have few choices.

Statistics show that most women at home caring for children are dependant on their husbands financially. Very few have high paying or flexible jobs. And if they choose to divorce the cheater they will almost always end up in a worse financial situation. Any mother with small children at her feet when confronted with infidelity knows what it means to feel powerless.  And the kicker is that as he fills his needs for self-esteem with another lover, the woman at home slowly losses her self-esteem. And DeBurca wonders why women don’t stand up for themselves. I think it’s sadly obvious. [based on Sunday Telegraph article August 1, 2010]

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