Must read: The Conflict

I am going out to buy the new book: The Conflict. I have read two book reveiws and Elizabeth Badinter clearly knows what she is talking about. Her message, echoes mine loud and clear. She says that women who become mothers are told in multiple ways that they must be full-time mothers and dedicate themslves entirely to thier children, and thus sacrifice themslves.  As she says, ” As everyone knows, there is nothing quite like voluntary servitude.” This sadly is just like the 1950s and is causing all sorts of problems. Like female depression, deep feelings of inadequacy and it is a major setback for women’s equality.  Women are again slaves, but to their children. Modern motherhood does undermine the staus of women as the title of the book suggests. Read this and while you are at it read my other two favorites on the topic: The Mommy Myth and the Feminine Mistake (not mystique, although that book is good too).


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