Must see CBC Doc on Mars and Venus Today

You must watch the CBC (CBC Doc Zone) documentary “Mars and Venus, Today.” I was so delighted that someone looked into the science behind John Gray’s books (that have had a massive impact on women!). There is no science behind his theories. His books have always been my most hated for one reason: He tells women to go back to the 1950s and cater to their husbands! And he does it in such a subtle and amusing way, that the book has now reset our cultural beliefs!  John Gray describes the difficulties that women and men have in relationships (e.g. communication) and makes it all so real (because it is!) but then suggests that the men’s way is the best way (e.g. men need to go into their man caves rather than talk). We so desperately need women like Dianne Carruthers Wood (director and producer) to shine a light on any and all propaganda that holds all women back. Thank you CBC for airing it!

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