My 10 book titles on advancing women and girls

I have been writing 2 books on advancing women and girls for over four years now. It just occured to me that if I really wanted to get all my ideas  out to the world quickly it would be better to write 8-10 smaller practical ebooks than 2 big hardcover books. So I recently chunked my books into the  following “working titles.” Each ebook will be about 30-50 pages long. I would love your feedback as I am still researching, writing and searching for the perfect publisher-collaborator.

Advancing Women

  • Winning the talent wars – How to attract and keep great women
  • Not quite good enough– What’s really holding women back and how to change it
  • Motherhood is madness – How to maintain your sanity, self esteem and power as a mother
  • Feminine intelligence– How to find, value and tap your most authentic strengths
  • More sex– How to make your wife love you more – guaranteed

Raising Strong Girls

  • What your mother didn’t’ t tell you – 100 things your daughter needs to know about sexism, stereotypes and girl pressures
  • Sexy, pretty and  nice – How to help your daughter deal with pressures to be perfect
  • Cliques, bullies and popularity– How to help your daughter deal with social pressures
  • Self-esteem and resilience –How to truly empower your daughter in a man-made world.

also….Mindfulness (for lawyers)

  • The Mindful Lawyer – Daily practices to reduce stress and help you live in the present
  • Emotional Intelligence for Lawyers – What it is and how to use it in your practice

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