My sad story of PAC abuse of process

I just want to let you know that abuse of process does happen!

Although I practiced law for over twenty years, I have never witnessed such manipulation of the law as has occurred over the last few weeks at the hands of Lord Byng School PAC Chair and the current Executive Council (EC).

They misinformed and excluded parents and ignored the repeated concerns of about 50 concerned parents who witnessed several violations of the PAC Constitution and Bylaws. They were asked repeatedly to take the high road and hold legitimate PAC elections, but refused.  Phone calls were made, letters were written. Nothing was done.

In effect The PAC Chair and a small group of parents were able to manipulate the PAC election process so that the same woman could be re-elected. And she was re-elected.  It is sad but true, and I am ashamed to see parents behave in such a manner. I hope it never happens again.

I have summarized what happened no that parents of Byng can try to fix this in September and prevent it from occuring again. If you want more information I am happy to provide it.

[Please see my next BLOG on the Vancouver PAC “Elephant under the Table.”]

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