New book urges women to write thank you notes

Derek Blasberg a fashion journalist has written an advice book on how to behave and dress like a lady (titled, Very Classy). Yes, a lady. I think that the reason the book is so popular is because so many people are offended by Lindsay Lohan as a role model. Blasberg, bless his heart, urges women to be more like Emma Watson and not text at the dinner table, not place embarrassing pictures on Facebook and most definitely do write hand-written thank you notes! Sadly until we find new female role models, we slip back into thinking that old traditional roles including being demure, subtle and pleasing to the eye are the solution to a toxic culture that reduces women to sex objects. Why can’t we manage to find and promote role models who are both strong and feminine and not simply accept the narrow definition of “feminine” that holds women back from their power and authentic beauty. I have to get writing my book: Feminine Intelligence- Reclaiming your Strong Feminine Side. (News source: Vancouver Sun 7 Feb 2012)

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