NHL raises Pandora’s box of abuse of power

I do not like Don Cherry (no surprise)  but I love Sheldon Kennedy. And both are actively prying open the Pandora’s Box of abuse of power in hockey. Each of these men is a model of who man can be when in positions of power.  W hen S

heldon Kennedy went public to stop the sexual abuse he suffered as a junior he knew he would face a lifetime of jokes, public embarrassments and shame. He was brave enough to take this step not only to heal himself but to prevent harm to other boys. He continues to use his influence to help young hockey players. In a recent article in the Vancouver Sun Kennedy is quoted as saying that the key to keeping hockey players healthy creating a culture of openness and eliminating the power imbalance between player and coach. He could be a poster boy for the feminist movement in the 70’s! As for Don Cherry I think we will continue to witness how he is using his power.

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