Open Source for Tech-Savvy Girls

I love the whole idea of no-fee software (freeware). Here is a list I compiled for my daughters who were not willing to buy PhotoShop (TM) from their allowance.

This software is written by a world-wide network of expert programmers.

There is no need to pay for just about any program. Here are a few examples:
Open Office (MS Office)
Cakewalk and others (Audacity)
GIMP (Photoshop)
7-Zip (WinZip)
Android (iOS such as Apple iPad, iPhone, and iPod),
Firefox ( MS Internet Explorer)
Dia (MS Visio)
Kexi (MS Access)
Inkscape (Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw)
PhotoScape (iPhoto)
Blender (3D and animation such as TruSpace)
Scribus (Quark)
Sigil (EPUB)

To find more go to:

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