People think that Boards are Diverse when they are not

I guess it should come as no surprise that if you ask a whole bunch of board members (mostly men) if they think that their board is diverse, they will say yes. This is now backed up by research from the Canadian Board Diversity Council’s second annual report released on November 15. Of the 500 board members survey, 73% felt their board was diverse. Yet the statistics show that women are extremely rare on corporate boards. Elizabeth Wats on an expert

on this topic says that the number of women on boards has not moved significantly over 10 years. BC is has on average 15% of women on boards, while Alberta has about 6%. I guess having one woman in the board room feels diverse to a group of men who are used to having no women in the board room. Or maybe the average board member does not know what diversity means. (Source: Vancouver Sun Nov 17, 2010)

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