Please I beg you stop using Mrs and Miss

I just booked a flight with Air Canada with my daughters. When I got my e-tickets they called me Mrs. Fitzgerald (who does not exist) and referred to my teen daughters as Miss. This was all done automatically so now I have to phone back in and ask them to change all three to Ms. This NEVER happens to men and this is no small issue. Women are no longer possessions of their husbands. There is no reason why anyone needs to know if a I am married or not or whether my daughters are single. This language (that we all passively accept) blatantly promotes discrimination. That is why women fought long and hard to have the term “Ms.” introduced into the English language. It is time to get rid of Mrs. and Miss. once and for all and do what men do (with Mr.). Please I beg you, please email those businesses who refer to you as Mrs. or Miss. and ask them to stop it.


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