Please join me in Writing a Collaborative Book or Two

Many of you know I write books for a living. I have been writing three (yes 3!) books at the same time over the last few years. Crazy, I know. So this is what I have decided  to do. Over the next few months I will post my content (lots of it!) on this website. This way I can get your feedback and input right on my blog.

If you are REALLY keen to help me c0llaboratively-write these books (e.g. you love writing, have editing skills, know how to build an app, or just love to promote the FI cause) please phone or email me directly. Maybe you could join the FI Advisory Board? I think this is using my Feminine Intelligence! Here are the book titles:

Book 1: 100 Truths about Raising Strong Girls

Book 2: 1oo Truths about Women, Power and Feminine Intelligence

Book 3: 100 Ways to Practice Mindfulness

I plan to have these books finished by spring 2013 and available in e-book form on this website.

If you are a publisher and wish to publish the paper version, I would love to hear from you.

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