Please provide feedback on my girl’s books

Teen girlsHere are the “working” titles of my upcoming GIRLS books. Please tell me what you think. They are going to press during the summer…all fingers crossed


  1. Stop Sexing Me! Protect your daughter from sexism, stereotypes and sexualisation.This book describes the ways in which parents, teachers, and the media hold girls back. It provides practical strategies for parents and girls to not just build resilience but also shift the culture and mindsets that holds girls back.
  2.  Mean Girls: Stand up to cliques, bullies, peer pressure and popularity by empowering girls in a radical new way.This book describes why girls suffer so much from relational issues and shines a new light on the pressure-filled world of girls that is not only causing them to act out, but also shut down. It provides practical and easy ways to empower girls and at the same time challenge a sexualized culture that holds girls back.
  3.  Gritty is the New Pretty– Raise confident, courageous and resilient girls in a man’s world.This book provides practical strategies for raising girls’ self-esteem and resilience in a culture that pressures them to be pretty and perfect. It intelligent and practical strategies to be used immediately.




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