RCMP don’t need investigations they need restorative justice

The RCMP just announced that they will be training officers to investigate incidences of harassment. This comes when a class action law suit is being persued by over 100 female RCMP officers. As a lawyer and investigator, I am not sure this action will stop sexism or deal with the current complaints. Sexism is not usually one person treating another badly. Demeaning actions are often just the tip of the iceberg. Below the surface are deeply rooted attitudes about women. These attitudes pervade our North American culture and are so well hidden we can not see them in our institutions and corporate structures. But they are there. If over 100 female officers say they suffered from harassment then a simple process of investigation will only cause more guilt-finding, blaming, finger pointing and ultimately silencing. My book “Corporate Circles” shows organisations like the RCMP how to hold a restorative circle (3-5 hour conversation) so that people can gain empathy and stop treating each other badly. This, in my experience is the only way to shift atttitudes and start healing at the same time.  Maybe they will call me.

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