RCMP internal report shows women officers afraid to speak up

We all know about the 100 plus women who are suing Canada’s national police force ( the RCMP) for systemic sexual harassment. Well, I just found out about an April  report written by an internal RCMP diversity expert. Sadly it says what we women know all too well. In this particularly military-style  lead organization both women and men were too afraid to speak up. Not only because they thought that their concerns would not be heard, but worse yet, because they thought that THEY would be punished as opposed to the harassers. It seems that even if senior officers knew about the problem, they did not know how to deal with it or were simply unwilling to do so.  I think they need several Corporate Circles to hep heal and to develop corporate empathy. Perhaps then they could begin to build a more trusting, safe and less top-down workplace. [Source of news: Vancouver Sun 20 Sept 2012]


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