Research from Harvard Business School shows gender issues

 Here is an excerpt from the NYTimes article. Well worth the read.

“Harvard Business School says it wants to improve the gender balance among faculty members, but it is far from that goal without extensive hiring. There are 76 male tenured professors. All of them have been at Harvard for at least six years, and a few have been there for more than 40 years. Fewer women — only 19 — are tenured professors. Many of the female junior faculty members who have gone to Harvard in recent years have left because they did not get tenure. The school has a large pipeline of men seeking tenure. Of the more than 120 untenured male professors, about half are assistant or associate professors who will be up for tenure soon. Others are lecturers or professors of management practice. But the pipeline for women is small. Fewer than a third of untenured faculty members are women, making it unlikely that the gender imbalance in tenured faculty will shift in the near future.”

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