Research tells girls to stop watching reality TV again

New Girl Guide Research Institute conducted a survey of 1000 girls on the impact of reality TV. Sadly if your daughter watches these shows (like Jersey Shores or The Bachelor) she is more likely to think she needs a boyfriend to be happy, more likely to think that gossip is a normal part of female relationships, and more apt to say that girls are catty. She is more likely to spend more time on her appearance and although she may feel more empowered it is a warped type of power that reinforces stereotypes that pit girls against girls and promote beauty, lying and being mean as the tools necessary to succeed in life as a woman. Please do not let your daughter watch this stuff. It is toxic to girls and reinforces a girl-hating culture.  We all know that girls are so much smarter and stronger than these sad old stereotypes suggest.

Reject it now.

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