Why don’t we want woman to drive?

You probably heard about the Saudi women being given permission to vote (starting in 2015). You probably also heard about the Saudi women being sentenced to flogging because she drove a car.  Women are forbidden to drive in Saudi Arabia. In all of the media, no one asked the most basic question: “Why don’t they want women to drive?”  The answer is of course: Because they don’t want them to be free. They might mask this by suggesting that women are not competent or it violates a  religious law etc etc.

But the truth is that everywhere in the world, Canada and the USA included, we still don’t want women to be totally free. Although we may not physically constrain women, we still manage though various means to keep way too many women down. If we really wanted women free the first place we could start is with money. Imagine if millions of women had ecomomic freedom? Wow. The world would most definately be a different place.

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