Four WRONG stereotypes lead to women getting less money

Here is a great article in HBR on why women entrepreneurs tend to get less funding. Four harmful stereotypes were identified (and disproved): Women are cautious; women are reluctant to grow their businesses; women don’t have resources and women’s ventures under-perform. All are false. We need to challenge these assumptions AND ALSO a much deeper biases that …

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How did a man’s organisation raise 574 million?

The Movember community has raised $574 million to date.  Wow. I wonder why is it so much harder to raise money for women? What can women do to make their causes (such as inequality and violence) as cool and exciting. Do women need to grow mustaches!?? V-Day is about as close as it gets. I welcome your creative ideas!

Harper Should Listen To G(irls)20

As the most powerful countries meet (the G20) in Ottawa, you may be asking: Where are women on the agenda? Craig and Marc Kielburger (Free the Children) wrote a colum in the Vancouver Sun this week suggesting that although Stephen Harper appears to be suppprting maternal health, his conservative policies here in Canada have seriously undermined women and girls. …

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