Mindfulness Made Easy: 50 simple practices to reduce stress, create calm and live in the moment.

Be more calm! Reduce stress! Focus better! This book is a collection of 50 best (and easy) practices based on the work of experts such as Jon Kabat-Zinn, Pema Chodron, and Daniel Siegel. Join the millions of others benefiting from this scientifically proven method for calming your thoughts and emotions while living fully in the present moment. A great introduction to mindfulness, it includes easy practices for the classroom, at work and at home.

Gritty is the New Pretty – Raise confident, courageous and resilient girls in a man’s world

This is the only books parents need on raising girls’ resilience and self-esteem. Unlike other books that see the problem of low self esteem as an individual matter, this book sees it as an natural consequence of living in a toxic society that pressures, sexualises and demeans girls. In such a culture, positive thinking is not enough.

Backed by the latest research, Dr. Fitzgerald a gender expert, former lawyer and mother of two girls explains how we raise girls to be a fraction of themselves. So rather than urge girls to shift their attitudes, this book defines the precise competencies that girls need to thrive, not just as girls but, as women in a world that rarely allows them to be their true selves.

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