conflict resolution

Invite the Bully to Tea – End Harassment, Bullying and Dysfunction Forever with a Simple Yet Radical New Approach

End bullying and harassment easily and permanently by getting to the root of the problem. This book describes why group conflict persists and provides a radical new way to resolve it – through a easy-to-use restorative process. Rather than penalizing individuals or forcing them to compromise, this method creates a safe place for all those impacted to share their unique perspective, repair hurt feelings and rebuild trust. In just a few hours individuals take responsibility for their part in the conflict and figure out how to work better together.

Let’s Huddle-The Art of Modern Meetings – Never Hold a Meeting Again!


A brand new way to hold meetings!  Meetings can be a waste of time if not conducted properly. Are you tired of unproductive meetings? Do you sit through meetings and wonder why so little gets accomplished? Would you like to learn an easy step-by-step technique that will improve the effectiveness of your meetings — from the boardroom to the living room?

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