The Conscious Relationship – For Men and Women Who are Ready for the Inner Work

“If you do not do the inner work you will never have true intimacy.”
This book is for the millions of men and woman who are confused and frustrated in relationships. We have been told for years that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. We have been told that our biological differences are impossible to overcome, so we must both compromise to make relationships work. But this is a myth.
As Fitzgerald says: Totally unbeknownst to most of us, is our deep subconscious programming, conditioning and memories that are wreaking havoc on our relationships. From babies to adults we are socialized into very strict pink and blue boxes, learning exactly who we are and what we can do – as men and as women. And our whole society, culture and its institutions reinforce this divide constantly. We become products of our socialization and act out accordingly. And our hidden thoughts, beliefs and patterns interfere with our intimacy.
This book will teach you how to deprogram yourself, become more self-aware and gain the intimacy you crave.