The Best Relationship Book Ever

Here is my favorite relationship book of all time: “How to be an Adult in Relationships” by David Richo. It is published by one of my favorite publishers: Shambhala (London). Richo introduces five keys to mindful loving: Attention; Acceptance; Allowing freedom; Appreciation; and Affection. The bottom line is that both men and women must be open and vulnerable (as much as they can – and this can be scary) and willing to put some attention toward the relationship as a distinct priority.

But the good news is that the process is wonderful since you really get to know yourself and your needs. The goal is ultimately to SEE and HEAR each other fully; which is the deepest love we can feel. It is too bad we never learn how important our intimate relationships are OR what is required to make it work.

My favorite quote about this is:

“The truth is that relationships do not make us happy. Relationships are the crucible in which we work on ourselves, in which we have the opportunity to stretch and grow, and, if we are fortunate, thrive.”

– Terrance Real, “How Can I Get Through to You?”

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