The History of Easter originates in the Goddess of Spring – Oestre

As you may know, when the Christian Church imposed its beliefs in Europe centuries ago they destroyed much of the Celtic and pagan (earth loving) traditions. but curiously, they overlaid their new ones on the old pagan ones.  Here is a quote about the history of EASTER from a book I am reading: “Oestre, the Goddess of Light, brings fertility with the spring. This is the root of the word oestrus, the time of an animals sexual cycle when it is fertile, and oestrogen is the hormone stimulating ovulation. The Church overlaid this festival with Easter and it’s theme of rebirth and resurrection from death. It’s timing is based on the old lunar calendar : the first Sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox, formerly the pregnant phase of Oestre passing into the fertile season.” [Source: Sacred Celebrations by Glennie Kindred.]

Note the Celtic roots that remain with us today: 1. We still set the date of Easter according to the full moon and spring equinox;  2. The symbol of egg comes from the Celtic or pagan maiden who carries a willow basket of eggs, representing creation and new birth; 3. The rabbit was the animal associated with the Goddess Oestre.

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