Top 25 Canadian Women

 Here is the list of Canada’s top 25 female influencers of the year, whose successful achievements contribute to the Canadian and global economies as well as to their communities.

Here is more about the award:

“By shedding light on these leading women, we strive to inspire future growth and success from generations to come. In its first year, the Top 25 Women of Influence will highlight the achievements of 25 women across Canada in 5 industry categories: Women in; Business, Health Sciences, NGO, Professional Services and the Public Sector.

These categories have been chosen because of the exceptional impact that women are having in these areas, and the need for increased recognition beyond those concentrations.

Candidates have been ranked by quantifiable and measureable data, on their influence in their current roles, industry and beyond. The official ranking of the Top 25 will be released in the Winter Issue of the Women of Influence Magazine. Below, you can read a brief headline of the women to top the list, additionally you can vote for who you would like to see on the cover of this commemorative issue.”

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