UBC failed to make a proper apology for rape cheer and culture

Thanks to Andrew Frank who wrote a great article in the Vancouver Sun: “UBC’s non-apology for rape cheer sets poor example for students.”  He says that although the student executive made a proper apology for the rape cheers on campus, neither the UBC business faculty nor the UBC administration did. As one familiar with how to make a proper apology, here is my take on what was missing from UBC administration’s non-apology: 1. Ownership for at least part of the problem, such as creating a culture where this could happen. 2. Naming the thing as rape, not “non-consensual sex.” As Andrew says: “It’s rape, not sex.” 3. Promising to ensure it never happens again. 4. Promising to ensure that all those responsible learn what they did wrong. 5. Make a sincere apology and offer restoration to those harmed.  Easy really. Still I am still a bit surprised that in 2013 so few university students thought that singing about rape might be inappropriate. I guess we need feminism after all.

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