Upcoming UBC Talks on Conflict Resolution

The UBC CoRe Conflict Resolution Clinic is a student-run clinic providing low-cost and free mediation services. It is located in the Faculty of Law at UBC and has some great talks. Here are a few:

September 17: “Family Businesses” with Judi Cunningham, Executive Director of the Business Families Centre, Sauder School of Business

October 8 – “Toxic Relationships” with Bob Findlay, Yuki Matsuno and Erica Pinsky

October 17 – “Empathy without Caring? Exploring Different Kinds of Empathy as Tools for Conflict Resolution” with Sharon Sutherland and Carrie Gallant 

November 6 – “Annual Ethics Workshop” with Lee Turnbull

For more information email: coreclinic1@gmail.com

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