Video on Law Student Depression

New York attorney Daniel Lukasik has created a documentary on law school depression and urges all lawyers to see it.  Mr Lukasik, who like thousands of lawyers, suffers from depression also set up a web site dedicated to lawyers:  His 30-minute documentary is titled: “A Terrible Melancholy: Depression in the Legal Profession,” and is designed to spread the word that depression is pervasive among lawyers and that it does not have to end legal careers. He raised $30,000 from the Erie County, N.Y., Bar Foundation, the New York Lawyer Assistance Trust and the Margaret L. Wendt Foundation. As producer, writer and editor, Lukasik conducted interviews in Buffalo, New York City and Seattle. Search UTube by title for the trailer and find full article by Karen Sloan at  If you want to see my PhD thesis (or a short article)  on the causes of law sschool depression, just blog here or email me.

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