We need a national women’s group in Canada now

We need a new National Women’s Group. In Canada. Now.

In 2001 our federal government closed the most important organization for the advancement of women in Canada. For 30 years the National Action Committee on the Status of Women (NAC) (founded in 1972) played a unifying role for the feminist movement in Canada. Its strength was in its list of 700 member organizations who together often avoided dividing their efforts and were able to share critical information. As a result they were better able to lobby governments for equality reforms, such as pay equity. In 2001 the work on women’s issues splintered among issue-specific groups and we were left with no national voice to speak for all Canadian women

It is time to rebuild a national women’s organization for Canada. Ask the Federal government today. We could start by simply listing those 700 plus women’s’ organisations and creating a network so they can get to know each other again. Imagine the power of Canadian women together! Its sounds like a correct title: Canadian Women Together!

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