We need to listen when Human Rights Watch find RCMP abusing women

Bewteen 1969 and 2006 about 40 women (low estimate) have been murderd or disappeared on three northern BC highways.  Given the low population in these communities it seems very odd that the police (RCMP) have not found a culprit. Not one. So its no surprise when last week Human Rights Watch – an international organisation – wrote a report suggesting that the RCMP failed northern women. The group spoke to 42 native women, 30 community outreach workers and many others and found many situations of abuse and bias by RCMP officers. So what was the RCMP’s response? They said: Why don’t those women come forward or else we can’t find the officers who are to blame; We need proof. Sadly as the report said, most women are terrified of retribution and do not have the courage to speak up. Where are the compassionate RCMP officers who say: Maybe we should just believe these women and try to make things better without blame and resorting to brutal legal procedures? I say: Listen, just listen.   [Source: Vancouver Sun, Lori Culbert 13 Feb 2013]

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