What does the Status of Women do for Canadian women?

Canada as a country has very little interest in women’s advancement. In fact there is no organisation in Canada that keeps track of whether women are advancing at all. we have no idea about whether women are paid less, promoted less, poor or starving. We do not know how many women are executive, mothers or sit on corporate boards.  A few academics study this, but the research never seems to find its way into policy or even the news. A few weeks ago I wrote to Dr. Leitch, the new Minister of Women. Here is my letter. I have not heard back. Sadly.
Dear Ms. Leitch,
I am a former policy lawyer and was wondering whether the Status of Women Canada (SWC)  would be making a submission to the Ontario Securities Commission about women on Boards? The deadline is September 27. As a gender equality policy expert I would be happy to help in compiling a short response if that would be useful.
Maureen Fitzgerald, LLM, LLB, PhD, BComm

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