Why blame Lance when we live in a society where lying is normal?

So Lance Armstrong lied. But so did everyone else. Apparently I am the only person on earth who did not know that all cyclists who compete at that level dope. So why target Lance when we live in a society where lying is not only accepted but promoted. Think of Enron. Think of Tiger Woods. Think of all the whistler blowers who watched abuse and lying for years. I do not think that Lance is even ashamed of lying. In fact one of his cycling buddies just published a book on it and is making millions. Lance may have lost a few contracts but is still a multi-millionaire. No one has asked for their money back. I don’t even see him being rejected by his peers – or in the media. Why? Because, sadly this rampant lying is not really seen as “that” shameful in our society. Sad really. I wonder how his mother, partner and sisters feel about his actions? I wonder if they trust him?


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