Why Gender Equality Is the Most Critical of All the Global Goals

The United Nations is now calling on all nations to commit to formally gender equality. Here is a excerpt from a great article:

“On September 27, we ask the highest leaders in each land to take personal responsibility for their commitment to change the trajectory of gender equality and the empowerment of women. We ask those who make the undertakings to be the ones to lead their implementation. We believe this level of engagement is crucial to create a new cycle of history.

We have already started this path through the HeForShe campaign that identifies IMPACT champions in top leadership positions, in government, academia and multinational corporations. Each leader has made game-changing undertakings — of a new order of magnitude — that will bring institutional change to their own arena that is replicable elsewhere.

No other issue on the sustainable development agenda will receive this level of special attention. No other issue is as critical to the success of the new agenda as a whole.”  Read more: Gender Equality is Critical


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