Why I am not going to a conference about advancing women

I am not going to this conference. Although I am very interested in how woemn can be “used” to boost business. It looks ta bit like a blue chip boys club. I could be wrong but I suspect very few women will attend for several reasons. The fee is $1500, which means you must be working at a big corporation who can pay your fees. The bulk of the speakers are male executives (some of whom are sponsoring the event) or economists. I have been researching gender and work for eight years and I do not recognize any of the names of the speakers as experts on advancing women. I am just glad some journalists will be attending so I can get the news afterwards. On days like this I wish I had all the money in the world. I would offer a FREE conference on how to REALLY support and advance women at work so that women can be full partners, not just levers for big business. I can’t wait till my 3 books on Advancing Women are all done and out there! Maybe next time I will be invited as a speaker.

PRESS RELEASE: The Next Billion: Women & The Economy of the Future: May 6 & 7, 2015, Vancouver, BC

The Next Billion: Women & the Economy of the Future is an international, precedent setting conference, committed to discussing the critical role of women to medium and long term business success in the world’s economies.

This innovative conference will bring together senior-level corporate leaders from four continents to address practical ways in which women – as consumers, labor force, entrepreneurs and executives are critical to medium and long term business success in our competitive international economy – and share solutions that will propel a critical shift in the current landscape.

Please join us for a day-long series of moderated discussions with senior-level corporate leaders from throughout Canada, the United States, Latin America, Europe and Asia. These discussions will focus on how corporate leaders are meeting the challenges of attracting and retaining labor, diversifying their supply chains, targeting new customers and grooming the next generation of C-suite and board level leadership. With only 250 participants, this meeting will offer an intimate opportunity to have substantive discussions, build relationships and share lessons learned.

After a Welcome Reception on the evening of May 6th, the moderated discussions on May 7th will be an inspiring and informative day – affording participants ample opportunity to network with their peers from across North America.

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