Why men can not hear women when they speak

‘re Here are two powerful quotes I am inserting in my upcoming book (So you want more sex- 50 things to say to guarantee intimacy):

“…men have been deeply conditioned to dismiss their talking –and them- pretty much the moment they start. Let’s face it guys: We barely listen to them. That’s no big news to anybody, but it’s good to finally come out with it: Inside us, when women are talking to us, we’re barely listening. “ Mark Robert Alter p 136.

“If they’re talking to us because they want something from us, we dismiss them as “nags.” If they’re talking to us because they’re angry at us, we dismiss them as “bitches.” If they’re talking to us because we’ve hurt them, we dismiss them as “too emotional” and “oversensitive.” If they’re talking to us because they are sad and lonely we dismiss them as “needy” or “clingy.” And if they’re talking to us about their opinions or suggestions or firmly held beliefs, we dismiss them as ”pushy” and their thoughts as trivial. Go ahead. Admit it. The moment we hear it’s a woman’s voice, that high sound, our attention drops like a shot.” Mark Robert Alter p 136-7

[Source: “Its [mostly] His Fault” by Mark Robert Alter (Warner Books, 2006]

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