Men who to empower their wives to get sex

I am bored of Mr de Burca and his comedy skit. WAY TOO much media too. Yet sadly I admit, he has hit a nerve. He says: about three quarter of all men cheat (I never imagined!) and they do it to feel powerful, not sexual. And women who take these cheaters back are all spineless.  Although he does not realize it Mr de Burca has stumbled on the very reason why married women and men are so unhappy Рit is about power imbalance, not sex at all. Yet sadly, the solutions (let him have more sex or leave him) are completely backwards. The solution is not to laugh at these so-called pathetic sex-craved men and weak women, but rather to question the whole institution of marriage Рthat made them this way. We have adopted this traditional system that makes women slaves and men gods.

Where men have power and women are too tired or frustrated¬† to want sex or to elevate their husbands further. In this system women stay because they have no power and few choices, not because they are spineless.¬† It’s time to create a new marriage system that frees women from the shackles of domestic weights and helps them be more powerful and yes, sexy. See my next book: How to Get More Sex from your Wife.

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