Why so many women are hurt when dumped by friends

I have been reading the Huffington Post articles on women breaking up with women. It breaks my heart. The problem is universal for women in this generation and needs to be surfaced to stop all this long-lasting pain. My research on girls  shows that we never teach our daughters how to tell the truth in a compassionate way. Indeed we promote the “tyranny of niceness” which results in teaching them to lie and fear of conflict. The problem is we women then gossip and become frauds. All because we are so afraid of being dumped and being all alone (which sadly often happens). We have to teach our daughters about the real ups and downs of relationships and how to be honest in a compassionate way. We need to help them learn how to repair and heal friendships and stop thinking that white lies are okay. And we need to have the courage to try our best to tell the truth. In the long run it is always better, I think.


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