Woman officer was only one who believed prostitutes

Sadly Constable Lori Shenher still lives with a deep regret for not having done more. She was the first police officer to be assigned to the Pickton serial killer case in 1997 – five years before Pickton was arrested. She received tips from informants that Pickton was killing women and putting them in a meat grinder. When she told her supervisors, they did not find the informants credible because they were prostiyutes and drug addicts. Loris supervisors told her that the missing women would show up eventually. I ache for Shenher who did her best to speak up in a police culture that clearly has a serious bias against women and street workers. Pickton once admitted to killing 49 woemn and got convicted for 6.  I am just glad that the police are now being asked to explain in an inquiry why it took so long to arrest this serial killer.   (Source: Vancouver Sun Jan 31, 2012)

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